Lucille Cheerleader – Pumpkin Doll


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Halloween Football Tailgate!

“Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Ba!”

Lucille Pumpkin Cheerleader is going steady with Defense Dan. She likes to cheer his football team on and shake her pom, poms. Give out a cheer the Fall football season is here! Go Team!

Come join the fun. After the game Lucille Pumpkin Cheerleader will be at Halloween football field tail gate. Lucille Cheerleader and Defense Dan will be serving grilled burgers, spicing them up with special pimento cheddar cheese sauce. She’ll be in her cheerleader’s outfit with short orange skirt with black netting, orange sweater, her going steady ring necklace holding black ribbon with orange pom poms A Lucille is a darling smitten pumpkin with a twinkle in her eye.

• Stuffed cloth pumpkin cheerleader doll with hand painted face.

• Size: 19″.
Joe Spencer Halloween Collection.
• Gathered Traditions for Gallerie II.
• Imported

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